Funds that invest in illiquid opportunities

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Hi guys:

What are some funds that invest in illiquid opportunities, but are not traditional PE shops please? When they hire, what kind of people do they usually look for?


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Nov 3, 2018

Castlelake in Minneapolis

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Nov 4, 2018
That forum should help. Funds would include: Silver Point, Mudrick, GoldenTree Asset Management, Brigade, Bain Cap Credit, BX Tac Opps, GS SSG, Ares, Elliott, Aurelius, Oaktree, etc.

What I listed were mostly distressed shops so rx/regular IB or lawyer backgrounds typically.


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Nov 4, 2018

Thank you! That's a great list!


Nov 21, 2018


Nov 22, 2018

Sure only a little. Met the founders of both funds before and you can instantly tell that they are extremely intelligent and hard working.

GoldenTree runs a tight shop and did some really interesting investing in the Puerto Rico situation. From what I can tell though I dont think they do too much active recruiting unlike Silver point.

Silver point I know a little more as I have some good friends who are analysts there now. Typically they only hire 1 analyst per year and typically its the smartest kid in the class. Most analysts are expected to be able to run right away on the job. It's known for being quite a bit more cut throat and you also see that as their general rep in the distressed space. They aren't afraid to really get into the weeds of situations with litigation and holdouts. Probably the most admired investors in distress next to Oaktree.


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Nov 23, 2018


Nov 28, 2018


Dec 6, 2018

Endowments are another great opportunity to consider. Harvard, Stanford, and other top tier schools manage billions of dollars.

Dec 7, 2018