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I'm a senior in high school rn picking my schools for next year. I'm still waiting to hear back from IU kelley reviewing my last semester grades, but if I did get in I would go there for sure. So far I got into NIU, Marquette, Loyola, DePaul and Uni of Miami Ohio...yes all of them are non target...the only two that I'd think about going to are DePaul and Miami. DePaul is in the heart of down town Chicago so I feel it would provide good networking opportunities/connections, also would be able to hold a job/internship during the school year being that the commute would be so short and also have friday off. It's not very known nationally but it's pretty decent for accounting regionally. I don't know much about Miami though, iv read that farmer school of business is pretty decent, though nothing compared to UIUC, UWM or IU. First question am I right about that Miami would be the better school over DePaul? I would be doing finance and minoring in accounting, I will do double major instead if I can manage it. I'm not aiming to go into a BB in Nyc. But rather go to a boutique/regional bank in Chicago. Second question am right that the competition would be less there than Nyc.I know none of these are target schools so I would hope to transfer to IU,UWM, UIUC or something around that level my sophomore or junior year but can't really count on that, just an option that I'd pursue. I want to do accounting so that if IB doesn't work out I can go into big four audit and then try IB after. But if I feel as if I can't actually get into IB I want to try to sit for level 1 of the CFA senior year so if I was some how able to pass that I'd hope it would give me a leg up,even though I know that it would be extremely difficult. That being said ik that big four want you to sit for cpa exam before you get hired I'd drop the audit route there. I want to get any type internship I can going to sophomore year then get a finance internship going to my junior year and hopefully get an IB internship going into my senior year. I know what I put out as my plans are extremely hard and may not go that way but I'm aiming for that route for now so not trying to be crazy unreasonable. Probably sound really dumb in this but thanks for any advice on picking between the two schools or on my path that I would like to take to hopefully get into IB greatly appreciate it.

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Feb 19, 2021 - 11:05pm

I didn't go to Miami University, but know a bunch of people who did. Still a non-target, but the brand name is growing quickly and placements are matching that. They're one of the top business schools in Ohio so they have really good placements to KeyBanc (which has a small presence in Chicago as well since it seems like that's where your interests lie) and Fifth Third (no Chicago presence as far as I'm aware). They also have a surprisingly decent pipeline to William Blair (I'm pretty sure they sponsor a case competition for the business school). Other banks are possible as well (mostly MM, though some students place at BBs and EBs), with most placements in Chicago, but a growing amount in New York. The school is supposed to be fun and have a decent social scene, so that's something to consider as well. I don't know much about the other schools, but there's definitely worse places to be than Miami. The school has a really good reputation in Ohio and the surrounding states to a lesser extent, so non-IB internship opportunities are plentiful.

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