GIC Global Investments, Strategy & Risk role

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Just wanted to gather what your thoughts were on this role by GIC:

'The Global Investment, Strategy and Risk group (GISR) is based in Singapore and plays a key role in helping the PE CIO and senior management evaluate investments, develop investment strategy, and define the role of PE within the broader GIC portfolio. The GISR team comprises a diversity of nationalities and backgrounds with prior experience in investment banking, consulting, operations and private equity investing.

The role will involve:

Deal evaluation - work with deal teams around the globe to develop an independent assessment of each investment for the CIO and the Investment Advisory Committee
Investment strategy - support GISR's work in developing the private equity investment strategy and commitment targets. Investment strategy also involves working with investment teams and the CIO on portfolio construction, sector strategy, and performance management & measurement. GISR also works with the asset allocation team in GIC to determine the size of each private strategy, define the appropriate risk guidelines, and fix the cost of capital'

How similar would this be to PE work? Are the skill-sets transferrable to PE?


full job description:

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Jan 7, 2019