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I'm a senior finishing up UG and I recently interviewed for GM's TRACK Finance program which is a rotational leadership focused finance program. The program has structured rotations and gives you visibility and access to senior management. After my superday I was notified that I did not score high enough on their technical portion of the interview for them to give me a sport in TRACK but I performed very well on the other interviews and they wanted to offer me a general position within Finance at GM. After a couple years, the would let me join the bachelor's TRACK program once they knew I had the right finance knowledge.

Finance is my major and I honestly think I underperformed on the technical assessment more due to nerves as I did well on technical in the in person interviews. I also have offers from IBM Consulting and Bloomberg Financial Sales, so I'm trying to figure out which option is best. My reservations with GM are that I don't think it's fair that I would be entering an accelerated bachelor's program after working 2 years at the company. My goal is to start my career at a company where I can learn a lot and gain a leadership role, which I think GM would eventually provide me.

Does anyone have any views on the prestige of GM finance and whether it is worth taking despite me not directly entering the TRACK program?

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Nov 11, 2014

This is tough... what's your long term goal?

IBM consulting may be a decent choice given your circumstances. As you have said, if you stay in GM, you will only get into a bachelor accelerated track only 2 years later...

Nov 13, 2014