Going to Western University for AEO Ivey vs attending Waterloo and going into AEO in year 3?

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Hi everybody, I'm a high school student that's been accepted into the Ivey HBA program. I'm conflicted about choosing between Ivey (software eng in first two years) and Waterloo (mechatronics engineering or computer science). What are the benefits of going to Waterloo for engineering and trying to get in after second year university compared with going directly into AEO?

Because I come from an engineer-only family, I don't know much about it, but from asking around and researching this is what I gather:

Pros for going to Waterloo:
*Engineering is a "hard skill" (according to my engineer parents)
*If I choose not to reapply to Ivey in year 3, or I am not accepted, my undergraduate program is still very prestigious and would provide easier transition into professional work than UWO software eng
*If I want to climb the corporate ladder I can get an engineering job, work for a few years, then get an MBA which would give me a business/engineering background

Pros for going directly to Western:
*The two years of undergrad at Western are guaranteed to be more fun
*The first two years at Western could be important years to network and establish friend groups
*I could get an Ivey/software engineering double degree at Western

So to summarize, I'm conflicted because I don't know how important the first two years are at Western (keep in mind that I'm in a software engineering program, not MOS) and I'm not sure if the dual degree program is worth it. WSO, what are your thoughts on my possible paths?


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May 29, 2014

Decision day is in under a week, what are you leaning towards now? Just curious

Jun 1, 2014

I actually have friends at both schools. What kind of a job do you want out of college? If business/finance, then go to Ivey. If it's engineering/programming at top tech company, go to Waterloo. It seems like everyone that goes to Waterloo and does well gets intership opportunities at every top tech company in SV.

Jun 2, 2014

Don't even think twice about this. It's much easier to get with AEO and you can build a friend group at western. Not to mention you will have 100x more fun.

Just go to Western.

Jun 2, 2014


Jun 2, 2014

hi, just thought id leave some words to consider

based on what i read on this site over the past two years, if you are serious about entering IB in canada in the future, go to Ivey.

ivey in terms of IB is the best in Canada along with the other canadian suspects (McGill, Queens, Schulich even Rotman).

even if iveys name is falling as of recent, waterloo is still considered a non-target in finance, academically it is a well recognized institution though (it is rising finance though, fast)

ive read over on quantnet that the ivey on campus recruiting is excellent, and they take care of their own, so while your points on waterloo are good, if you succeed in ivey (at least top 25%) i cant see you having trouble breaking into finance

also take my comments with a cubic meter of salt, since im not an alumni of either school, hopefully someone in the programs can answer though

Jun 2, 2014

it depends. are you a math star? and by that i mean not ur average joe that gets a 90 in high school calc. im talking about understanding discrete mathematics and knowledge of programming before hand. if you're confident in your math abilities, then you'll be golden in the farm program. several kids land co-op spots in the big 5 banks, as well as many now entering BBs, + on the AM and portfolio management side (think firms like CPPIB and OTPP), math/farm kids are getting hired faster than you can rub one out.

otherwise, i'd go with western. it'll be a safer bet for someone that isnt too confident with their math skill. and ivey's recruiting aint going anywhere, so dont listen to the naysayers that are saying it's going down. but you're really going to have to shine once you're there because your mark will be relative once you hit the hba years + everyone's busting balls to get the jobs on wall street and bay street.

Jun 2, 2014