Goldman Sachs Capital Partners Pay/Info?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if any of you have some insight on the goldman snacks capital partner division. It is basically their PE arm, however it is still under control by the bank... any idea how this is possible considering the bank is regulated but still operates a PE shop? Also any info on work life/comp vs traditional PE shops?

Its just been hard to imagine a salary or any related info considering its an investment bank but gets in a lot of PE deals. Is it PE or IB comp?


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Oct 5, 2014 - 10:21pm

They obviously have huge AUM but do mostly coinvestments. My understanding is that pay is below KKR/BX/CG but materially above banking.

I googled for literally 30 seconds and found these. C'mon dude.

And instead of diversifying, Goldman is taking steps to retain its focus. Goldman did not spin off its private equity arm, GS Capital Partners, to comply with the Volcker Rule. Instead, it kept the operation in-house by financing it through outside money rather than Goldman's. Other banks have also retained their private equity arms, but Goldman's was always the biggest and it faced the most pressure to divest. Keeping GS Capital Partners will maintain the firms' edge in playing a part in takeover deals.

The smart money either ignored Volcker on private equity or applied it only to future activities. The most obvious example is Goldman Sachs GS 2.84% , which in 2007 raised a $20.3 billion private equity fund called GS Capital Partners VI that included approximately $9 billion in commitments from the bank and bank employees (too high a percentage to comply with Volcker). Goldman has decided not to divest its interest in the fund, believing that it will be able to secure enough extensions to responsibly liquidate once Volcker is finalized. The bank's group also has raised several new funds since Dodd-Frank was signed, including an energy fund, a renminbi-denominated fund, and a real estate mezzanine fund. Goldman believes these new vehicles will comply with Volcker, based on language in a draft proposal of the rule. But if not, it can either request extensions or spin them out to a later date.

Under the new financial regulations, Goldman may have to shrink the size of its own investment in GS Capital Partners to around 3% of the fund. Goldman money currently makes up more than one-third of the private equity unit's fund. The overall size of GS Capital's next fund could also be smaller. That means it could also be less lucrative.
But if any bank can figure out how to make private equity still work for it, it's Goldman, which is known for its creativity around financial products. The bank is reportedly setting up a new business development company, a structure that would be exempt from the Volcker Rule. The company will house a new publicly-traded credit fund, which will provide loans to mid-sized businesses. Goldman and some of its wealthy clients will invest in the fund.

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Oct 5, 2014 - 10:49pm

you can if you know someone - my friend and some of her friends have, but her father is head of the whole division. others just SA in IBD there and then apply to PIA for the 2yr analyst spot post-UG.

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