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Hi all,

I'm a 3 year certified user but made this account for the sake of anonymity. I'm currently a wirehouse financial advisor going into my second year in the business. I won't dive into the weeds of my current role, but have been presented with an opportunity to interview for an analyst position in Goldman's Alternative Capital Markets program. I've googled and searched the forums and haven't found a single mention of this position. I understand broadly that the desk is housed in their investment management division and that the analysts role is to provide fund diligence and connect private wealth advisors and their HNW clients with relevant alternatives offerings. Can anyone that knows of the role provide some more color on the position? Looking to understand daily job function, whether this is/will become a client facing role, who in totality I'll be interacting with, and potential exits. Like I mentioned, the only info for the role I've been able to find has been provided by GS so I'm looking for a less biased take.

Thanks in advance

Edit: time is in short order here so any insight would be really appreciated

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Sep 24, 2018

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Sep 24, 2018

Don't know too much but I know someone who interned with them. From what I know they operate kind of like an Investor Relations group for HF's and PE funds. They know everything there is to know about investing in PE Funds or Hedge funds. I think they help PWM UHNW clients invest in PE/HF's either through GSAM Fund of Fund groups, or directly through external funds. Don't believe the work is very technical and is relatively client facing (All I know is that they were on the phone talking to clients a lot). Would think a potential natural exit would be IR at any other type of fund, but it didn't really seem like a group where people were looking to exit. Their hours seemed pretty light too. Feel free to PM me but I don't know that much more.

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Sep 24, 2018

Appreciate the insight!

Sep 25, 2018

Any other insights?

Oct 4, 2018