I go to a university in Canada that uses a messed up 9 point scale and need some help converting it to a standard 4.0 scale.

This is the scale that we use:
A+ 9.0
A 8.0
B+ 7.0
B 6.0
C+ 5.0
C 4.0
D+ 3.0
D 2.0
E 1.0
F 0

My school doesn't have a grade of A- and since my current gpa of 7.5 is between a B+ and A would you guys say that my 7.5 gpa appropriately converts to a 3.7 on the regular scale?? I understand that for ibanking a 3.7 is considered a "safe" gpa so I just want to figure out what I need on my scale to get that?

OR, should I not even bother converting it to a 4.0 scale and just leave my regular gpa on my resume. Also, it may be important to note that a 7.5 or higher puts you on the Deans Honors List.

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just put the highest justifiable gpa down...lol

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why dont you post all of your letter grades and Ill help you with it.


Thanks. My grades are:
B+, A, A, A, A, A+, A+, C+, B+, B


what my friend used once was

7.5/9 = x/4

that worked for him.


lol thats exactly the problem...

Doing that would downplay my gpa by making it a 3.33. A 3.33 is only a B+. But a 7.5 gpa on my scale is basically an A- and puts you on the honor list.


Based on the scale at my school (A,A-,B+,B,B-, etc), you have appr a 3.5.


search the forum for a thread on this exact question. Go by what the med school people in Canada use.

which is a A- = 3.8.

I posted a link to the official Ontario med school GPA conversion for all schools. A while ago.


I got a 3.59, which you can definitely round to a 3.6. There is no benefit of an A+ because it is just a 4.0, same as an A.

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