I have 3+ years experience working for the British Government as an economic researcher and forecaster. Now I'm looking to go to grad school and would like some advice on my admits.

My training in economics is good, and my aim is to either progress to the PhD or look for a research analyst position (ideally as an economist) at a bank, fund or economic consultancy.

My offers are:

LSE: MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics
Cambridge: MPhil Economics
University College London: MSc Economics
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics: MSc Economics

I am interested in the reputation of each programme and institution in the private sector, I'm aware of the public sector and academic reputations.

Thanks in advance, any advice will be appreciated!!


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cambridge or LSE


I agree with the above, just because I am in the US, and have no knowledge of European schools yet I have heard of both of the above. I figure this is the case for a good reason.


I'd go Cambridge without a doubt. MPhil Econ is an incredible programme there


cam or LSE


Thanks for this everyone.

So Cambridge has a much higher reputation in the US than LSE? Would someone please give an example of which US schools Cam/LSE are be equivalent to.

Also, would it make any difference that the LSE course is far more technical than the Cam one? I guess this would only be important if I were heading for a career in quants?



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