Grad School Cost: is it worth it?

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Hi guys,

My head is spinning with all the different factors to evaluate in applying to grad school. For a career switcher with some architecture experience, what are the most important factors in selecting a grad school? I would like to work in development and eventually open my own shop.

I'm going to assume I would get an analyst job with 65k + bonus pay after graduation. That being said, my options for school are:

  1. MRED at respected private school with great connections in a big secondary city. 70k tuition but I can work full time while studying part-time. I have some connections who own shops / could potentially hire or put a good word in for me if I went here.
  2. MSRE at public school, tuition around 20k in the same secondary city. I have no idea of any developers with this degree, most graduates seem realtor types. No course mentioning development in curriculum, lots of talk about CCIM and Argus
  3. MSRE at respected public school in the middle of nowhere with a good network all over my state. Tuition around 17k+living costs (total around 30k). Linkedin shows some developer positions.

What are your guys opinions? Is it worth 1. shelling out big bucks to be 200% sure of my first job being what I want, even if it means 5-10 years of student debt? Or 2. Enroll in a RE degree even if I'm not sure it's right for development if it means not being broke and staying close to my city and its deals? Or 3. Abandoning my existing network and friends to go to some suburban college town 8 hrs away from my target city for a degree that seems ok?