Hey guys long time - corp treasury, finance, operations, F500 executive training etc questions

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Hey guys, so I ended up worked at Bank of New York Mellon in corp treasury in the money markets desk this summer. They asked me to stay on part-time, and will probably give me a FT eventually (They hire later than the I-banks)

Anyways I've been on the NYU careernet and things are looking dicey. I have a 3.401 in Stern, so I'm not even going to bother looking at I-banking and S&T (decided long ago it wasnt for me anyways, I've accepted I'm lazy and don't like stress and ridiculous work hours).

Out of these options which do you think is the best for me to put all my effort into:

-stay at BoNY. How does salary and career progression work here, I hear bad things about it on vault guide. EVERYONE on my desk has been here 20+ years (youngest guy is 46) so they don't know anything about starting salary and I wouldn't feel comfortable asking them anyways.

-MS is only hiring for corporate treasuary at my school, and I got a first round. Is corp treasury at i-banks a good career, how prestigous/how many hours/ how much pay is it in relation to operations and finance. I applied to corp treasuary at some other banks

  • Finance and operations...how are they? I know GS ops get paid a boatload and I'm going for that, but dont really know much about other banks. How is recruiting for that? I got wait listed for citi finance first round
  • Just to throw it out there , I got a first round for Wells Fargo in Corporate and commercial banking. how bad is wells fargo really? is corporate and commercial as bad as this site has always made it out to be?
  • How are executive training programs for fortune 500? I see ones for Polo Ralph Lauren, Macy's, and a few other. They have like 6 months of training and shit, is the pay good, or am I stuck at high 5 figures for a long ass time. I know nothing about this, but with finance markets beyond horrible multiple banks are doing no FT hiring if the rumor mill is right...I'm giving it thought.

This is going to be the token "alternative to ibanking and S&T" thread, so fill free to through in your own questions.

I have read the vault guide and know all the common information, I'm looking for insight of people that have worked there/know people personally who have.

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Nov 13, 2008

wondering how this worked out for you and what you chose?

Nov 14, 2008