How much does pre-MBA consulting experience help in getting an offer at MBB in business school?

I'm curious in how much pre-MBA consulting experience at a Big 4 or Accenture helps in getting an offer at MBB in business school? I've heard that MBB takes students of a wide array of work experiences but would consulting experience at a Big 4 put you at an advantage in recruiting over ex-bankers and other finance roles?

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Jan 16, 2019

It makes little to no difference from a recruiter's perspective, especially if you are at a target school. What they want to see is that you've worked in good, selective roles and generally had quick promotions. GMAT scores may also get a look at. A lot of times, it's their new MBA hires which read through the CVs and recommend people for interviews. And some of them have never selected CVs nor interviewed anybody.

Once you're at interview stage, only your performance matters. This is where previous consulting experience can be helpful, as you should know how to navigate a case study. However, they may also have higher expectations on your case solving skills.

Jan 16, 2019

It obviously depends on the screener but in general, Big 4/Accenture does help you get on the closed list. Some may turn their nose at IT work (which is different than digital) so MC or MC+ alignment is important.

I am the lead at one of our target schools and typically, having previous consulting experience is viewed very positively. To be successful at MBB, you have to truly understand the client service mentality and the assumption is that this isn't a concern for former consultants.

There are also tangential benefits in terms of relatedness, travel expectations, and being able speak the same language. But of course, getting on the closed list is the easy part - landing an offer is 100% contingent on your performance.

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Jan 26, 2019
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