Let's say I go to kenan flagler and get a corp finance concentration MBA. If I was already a Corp financial analyst pre MBA with 3.5 years experience @$50-$60K, how worth it is getting that MBA? Assume no scholarships, in state, and age 33 upon graduating with MBA.

I keep hearing how full time MBAs are mostly for career switchers??


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Worth it? Absolutely yes, you'll come out making six figures even in corp fin, and it also opens up a ton of doors mid-career.

The more relevant question for you is if you could get in to a top 20 MBA with 3.5 years experience in corporate finance at the age of 33. You'll need to crush the GMAT first, 720+ hands down, probably 740+ due to your age. Unfortunately, if you're applying in a year, you'll be 35 when you're matriculating. Most top MBA programs might only enroll 1-2 students at that age, if any. My gut reaction based on your experience and salary range is that you aren't competitive from a resume standpoint either. These programs are populated by the best, brightest and most ambitious young business minds in the world. To get accepted over 30 you need to exhibit standout career progression and strong leadership capabilities against even this impressive peer group; most were also around six figures or more in comp when they came to the program.

Since your experience is also light for executive programs, you should consider looking at part time/weekend programs, your chances would be more realistic. You should consider a consultation with an MBA recruiter, most will give a half hour for free, to understand what your options might be. Take the GMAT first or they won't be able to provide any real value.


He says he'll be 33 upon graduating from his MBA. So he'll be 31 when starting. It's not like he's young, but 31 starting is nowhere near as bad.


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