Hudson Advisors info?

Got reached out to about an opportunity at this shop, but struggling to find out more info about this firm. Does anyone know of some of the deals they've done? Any insight into compensation either?

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  • Associate 1 in RE - Comm
Apr 6, 2021 - 10:59pm

A headhunting firm reached out to you or someone from HR?

Hudson = Lone Star Funds. They just have the "manager" under a separate name

Not sure about comp but given size of their funds it should be good. However, if internal HR is reaching out cold about a position... that usually means they are having difficulties filling a position and need to generate demand for it (eg you weren't considering a job there, but now you are because someone reached out).

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  • VP in RE - Other
Apr 7, 2021 - 2:26pm

Hudson and Lone Star are both owned by John Grayken (2nd richest PE guy after Schwarzman). Lone Star employees are mostly deal originators, platform/regional heads and their #2, senior lawyers & global AM. So mostly MDs. Hudson is used for everything else like UW and AM.

CRE team is focused on distressed (flagship fund of $5B) and value add investments (new fund of $760M). US CRE team is currently currently growing (they're currently looking for 2 analysts and 1 VP in their acquisition team).

It's a megafund so the hours are banking 2.0

Apr 7, 2021 - 3:24pm

Thank you, this was extremely helpful.. Any idea what can be expected for an analyst interview besides a standard modeling test?

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