Is it possible to get in MBB as an entry level consultant after 2+ year experience?

I am graduated from top tier university in my country. Have ~1 year at early stage PE & 6 months at Leading Telecom Corporate Development.

I left my PE job because the lackness of the skill improvement opportunities in company. I did some great jobs over there. Attended institutional fundraising roadshows, company restructrings, strategy workshops, fund management issues (legal, tax etc.)

I am still working at Corporate Development Division in leading Telecom Company in my country. Around 6 months at this company, i've examined 16 markets, involved in work of IPO, annual & 3 -5 year M&A calendar, acquisition strategy etc. But due being buy side, still demanding many things from 3rd parties opposed to being involved yourself like IB, CF, MC.

Everybody recommends me to either IB/CF or MC. I want to develop my hard skills a lot. But many companies find me old after 1.5 year experience. MC recruitment period starts in October & lasts 3-5 months. I will continue to my telecom if didnt get any offer from IB/CF which i applied. I would like to ask you "Is it late for me to enter MC as an entry level in age 26 with 2+ years experience?" or "Should i continue 2 year more here and go MBA? Later i can start as an Associate, but this may bring extra costs of MBA etc. to pay during those years."

My background Business Bachelor from top tier university with 3.3+ GPA with Erasmus Exchange experience. Student Assistant of Professor, advised and worked with many startups during university education.

Hope u may answer.