Is this a front office, middle office or back office job?

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I wonder, what this role is for. Front, middle or back office?
Any ideas? Please post!!

Graduate Trainee Job in Fund Derivatives Trading Team

- support the book management and create risk & p/l reports
- support and develop desk infrastructure based on Spreadsheets.
- perform hedging tasks using swaps, futures, placing fund orders, etc.
- run the Valuation Activities
- make necessary bookings and adjustments in Risk Managment Systems
- be responsible for corporate actions
- be responsible for reconciliation tasks (e.g. Atlas to Sophis)

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Sep 30,2010

Key words like reports, bookings, and reconciliations are often signs of middle office.

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Sep 30,2010

This could technically be a FO job if that's indeed for a graduate trainee (obviously has the makings of a MO trading assistant job for someone more experienced) as most trainees (including 1st year analysts at BB's) would be tasked with running the admin work on a trading desk (at least, from where I'm at) while they acquire the relevant regulatory licences and also demonstrate their competence in the job.

Sep 30,2010

How would you ask at an interview in order to find out if its a FO or MO job?


What are the main tasks of the fund derivatives team?

What will I do in one year or after the trainee program?

Sep 30,2010

This is definitely BO. "Support", "Bookings", "Reconciliation" are the keywords here. FO has PNL responsibility.

Sep 30,2010

Anyone any other suggestions?


Sep 30,2010

This is definitely FO. You don't land on a trading desk and get your own book right away. You clean up after your desk doing all that shit and learning the ropes before you actually see some real action.

Sep 30,2010

All those functions belong to a Trade Support group in a BB. So therefore it would be a MO role. But since its says it is a grad trainee for the trade desk, it can possibly lead to a FO position on the desk. This is what Prop shops and smaller brokerage firsm do. They start the incoming grad in the trainee program and if you are good, they put get you a junior trading position on their desk. However, be warned that you are not guranteed to move up to FO from the grad trainee program. Many factors will come in as your performance and overall economic conditions.

Sep 30,2010

Is MS FCG (Financial Control Group) MO or BO?

Sep 30,2010