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So I was accepted to both these schools and I am having trouble deciding. Princeton doesn't really have a finance major or a business school (only has a finance certificate or something) while Kelley has a finance major which seems like a big plus if I want to go into banking and work for Bare Sturns or Goldman Sacks or something. It seems like a very finance related-job that would really help me. Also, Kelley seems to have an investment banking workshop which will prepare me straight for ibd. I feel like it is a direct pipeline for ibd compared to Princeton where it doesn't seem like they give you very much support. I have read on this forum that the IB workshop really stands out on another level in terms of placement. It really seems like the center of financial education in the United States. IU is definitely a much larger school so I think the student body is also overall smarter as well. There will definitely be more resources. I think you can already recognize this in the careers of their alumni since I know a lot of famous people like Mark Cuban went to IU but I can't really think of any people in finance who went to Princeton. I am out of state but I got a need-based almost full-ride at Princeton but Kelley is 30k/year for me. Princeton is like 25k cheaper but I feel like the marginal costs will definitely be worth it in the long run as the Kelley IB Workshop name brand is really strong in finance. 

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May 15, 2021 - 10:50am

floor hot dog vs. michelin filet mignon

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