January FT NYC Roommate Thread

Hi y'all. Haven't seen a January housing thread so im starting one. I'm a girl moving to NYC in January so I'm looking for potential roommates who are moving at around the same time.

About me: Graduating in December, starting a FT job in NYC next year. LOVE going out on weekends, hosting friends for pregames occasionally and exploring the city in my spare time. 420 friendly and I don't mind small pets. 

Borough: Manhattan

Preferred neighbourhood: Columbus Circle area, Lenox Hill, Murray Hill/Kips Bay, anywhere easily accessible to Central Park south basically

Position: FT analyst at MM

Total Roommates: 2 or 3

Gender: Female

Roommate gender: Female

Budget: 1700, can be flexible and go slightly higher for places with better amenities

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Jan 18, 2022 - 12:11am

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