I have this interview coming up soon in Boston so I just want to get some insight into what kinda of case study I can expect from the 1st round as well as the kind of interview questions I may get from 2nd round.

First Round Interview
The first round of interview will be in a group discussion format where you will be required to work on a case study related to wealth management. The session will last approximately 1.5 hours.

Second Round Interview
Should you be successful after the first round interview, you will be invited to another round of interview which will be held on the same day between 1 pm - 6 pm. You will be informed of the decision as well as your interview slot via email by 12 pm.

The second round interview will consist of 3 rounds of individual interviews which will take up 1.5 hours. The interviews will include various questions, from competency based to more technical and analytical questions. In order to prepare for the interview, we expect you to have done some background research on the Wealth Management industry, J.P. Morgan, as well as to read up on the latest financial markets news.

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