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This might be a long shot but any advice would help a lot: I'm trying to create a lbo model for Cooper Tire and Rubber (CBT: $900MM market-cap) who are a major global competitor in the replacement tire industry. I need atleast three value creation levers, of which I've sort of recognized two -- further geographic expansion, and moving into the Original Equipment manufacturer business. Any ideas here? This is my first PE case-study, so I'm pretty much stuck and don't know how to proceed. What is the general idea to think about these kind of cases? I tried reading around, but everywhere everyone just talks about interviews for PE firms, not much about the work though.


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Since your first 2 drivers are regarding 1) revenue growth, I would think through some ideas on how to 2) increase margins or 3) decrease SG&A as % of sales. Sorry I don't have any specific ideas, but those are the three areas I would think of when trying to increase EBITDA (create value).

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