Life/progress/salary in high yield debt? GSO/Carlyle/Guggenheim

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i've been offered a good entry level role in HY debt/levfin/CLOs and i was wondering what the general thoughts are on progress in this field?

I don't want to give away where i am but similar to GSO/Carlyle/Guggenheim in terms of company type, but slightly smaller (about 100bn USD AUM).

is the salary good in terms of progression to higher levels in the firm? this is straight out of college so i'm not expecting megabucks straight away, but it still is good for me.

is this field a dead end? what is the day to day life like? it's surely not M+A hours?


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Mar 7, 2019


Mar 7, 2019


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Mar 7, 2019


Mar 10, 2019