LSE BSC Finance VS UC Berkeley for IB/Fund Management

I was recently accepted into LSE Finance and UC Berkeley. I am interested in IB/fund management either in Singapore/USA and am wondering which school would be better for me. I know deep down I would rather go to Berkeley because of the environment, but the risks that come with this choice (not knowing if I will get into Haas) make me doubt my decision. 

Pros of LSE: 3 years finance degree, won't have to do Masters in finance BUT very rigid curriculum and probably won't enjoy myself as much

Pros of Berkeley: Good business school, will definitely enjoy myself more BUT if i don't get into Haas I will have to do Econ and probably spend another year doing a Masters in Finance

Which school do you think has higher employability in Asia/America (Even if I work in Asia I would want to work in American financial institutions eg JP Morgan). Do you think the pros of LSE finance outweigh the better (imo) environment at Berkeley? 

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May 2, 2021 - 7:33am

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