Marshall Wace - Investment Analyst - Summer Internship - Final Round Interview/Tests

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Hi everyone, I have been lucky enough to make it to the final round of Marshall Wace's Investment Analyst internship recruiting process involving a 90 minute test and face to face interview, I was wondering if anyone who has had a test for a hedge fund could offer any insight to what could be asked?

I am assuming:

Stock pitches
Aptitude-esque tests

Could anyone offer anything in terms of the expected level?
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Jan 5, 2020

Which office is this for?

Jan 5, 2020

new york

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Jan 5, 2020

Applied for Hong kong, but I think the test is the same. I heard its similar to a stock pitch, where they give you a company and its financial statements and you're supposed to give your thoughts

Jan 5, 2020

wanna pm me?

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Feb 14, 2020