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(Kinda long, but looking for some good input/advice)

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to get some opinions on what people think of the MEM program overall (masters of engineering management) and specifically from Duke, Cornell, and Dartmouth. The other schools who offer it officially are Northwestern and MIT but I think they require work experience before one can join the program.

Currently I am finishing up my BS in Electrical Engineering from UMass Lowell with a minor in business. Very close to magna cum laude right now but still have 2.5 semester to get up to and beoyond that rank before graduation.

I have 2 summers of internships under my belt and have secured an offer from Verizon Wireless for this summer (still hunting to see if I can get any other offers before the summer begins). Last semester got accepted into Eta Kappa Nu (EE/CE Honor Society). Active on campus with the engineering council, IEEE/HKN, and a few other clubs. Outside of school I am very active in community service, playing the drums for 10+ years...

Currently a second semester junior, I will be graduating spring 2013 looking to enroll in a MEM program in Fall 2013.

I feel like the MEM program from one of the 3 schools mentioned above will give me a little bit more branding overall and will act as a stepping stone to accomplish my long term goals and dreams. My long term target is a MBA or eMBA from a top 10 and to hopefully hit it off with Bain, BCG, or McK post-MBA getting recruited on campus.

What do you guys think? Am I headed in the right direction? What do you think are my chances of getting accepted to one of the three (still have to take GRE's, a good SOP, and 3 good recommendations). Is this degree a good stepping-stone?

A dream job is one that is heavy technology focused strategy/management consulting. I hope this is in my future.

I know it was long but thank you for reading.

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Mar 13, 2012

From what I read on the MEM websites - especially the Dartmouth MEM - they have some portion of people getting recruited by MBB....but be aware - you ll be competing with MBA's from the same prepare yourself hard for the cases...

Aug 30, 2018

Hey Marcus,
I'm in a similar position.
Would you mind sharing those MEM websites? I'd love to know where to look for resources. Thanks!

Mar 13, 2012

so i guess op will be recruited as an analyst with master degree pay band at a mbb if things work out well

Mar 14, 2012

CaliAnalyst ...what do you mean?

Does anyone have more input/suggestions for my situation? Thank you once again!

Mar 15, 2012

CaliAnalyst means that if you're applying from one of these MEM programs, you'll probably be applying for pre-MBA ("analyst") positions, but perhaps with salaries that are adjusted to be a little higher ("master degree pay band").

Also, check your PMs.

Mar 15, 2012

Rhesus! Thank you so much! PM'd you back!

Mar 12, 2019