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Jul 13, 2017

I work at an EB. I had multiple peers who turned down GS/MS for the EB, just like there are bankers at GS/MS who turned down EBs.

It is all about preference and the experience you want. Both are great platforms. You will make much more $ at EVR.

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Jul 14, 2017

1) Pay is more at Evercore
2) You'll be more spcialized at Evercore (M&A) whereas at JPM (if coverage) you'll get exposed to debt and equity products as well
3) JPM, being a BB will have more support infrastructure (more extensive printing, graphics, training etc.)...not saying EVR will be insufficient, but the EBs run tighter ships--if you're coming from a non-banking background this may be a consideration
4) Overall associates at EBs work harder than at BBs--this is a function of the leaner structures (you'll work hard both places)
5) As a general rule (but not an absolute rule) you'll have less pitch meetings at EBs but books will be more in depth / bespoke--EBs compete on their ideas alone so really tend to be focussed on who they meet with, whereas often a balance sheet speaks for a BB, allowing them to cast a wider net
6) If you didn't work as an anayst, shifting to PE as an MBA associate is going to be tough...there are a million reasons why if you search through the forum. Essentially PE firms at the junior level want to hire people that can model extremely efficiently...which few MBA associates can do to the degree needed, or the hirer senior ex bankers--which you're years away from. Not saying it's impossible, but it really shouldn't be a factor between the will be equally hard from both spots (but again possible with some hustle and luck).

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Jul 15, 2017
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