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Anyone taken the Optiver mental math recently ? I have searched all over the forums and 
I have trouble finding out the actual difficulty level and the kind of questions that are in the real test.
The reason for question, all the popular sites have differenttype of questions.
As we know we are give 6 seconds per question in real test (80 questions in 8mins),

Rankyourbrain, I can score 18(2mins) in expert level 

zetamac, default settings I can score 25 (2mins)> these questions are much easier and no fractions

there is another site I came across which seems/claims to have actual optiver test :…
this is the most difficult test I have come across, and I am getting destroyed with a  score of 10 (8mins) 
and this has very different kind of questions.

Any ideas which site has the questions that are closest to actual test and what should be my target on that site before I consider myself ready to apply ?


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Dec 1, 2021 - 5:04pm

No site really similar to optiver. Look also for one named like Graduate trader math or something like that.

The most difficult questions are the ones involving fraction with the answer being a fraction multiplied by some factor.


3/4 * 48/21 = 84/49

So you have the real answer which is 12/7, but you will get crazy because looking at the answers you will not see 12/7 but 84/49, which is 12/7 multiplied by 7/7.

To pass you need to do at least 60 over 80.

  • Associate 1 in S&T - Other
Dec 4, 2021 - 12:46pm

Srsly if you don't see 12/7 you might as well don't be a trader, fraction reduction is the first thing you should learn in school

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  • Prospect in PropTrad
Dec 3, 2021 - 5:39pm

I took it a few weeks ago for a quant trading internship. I used tradingjobs as well but it seemed way harder than the actual test. I don't think I ever got above 50 despite doing it dozens of times. imo the best website is It's been deactivated since 2018 but you can pull up all the practice material through the web archive. The way I did it was I would answer the questions on a spreadsheet while timing myself for 8 minutes, and then I'd press ctrl-A to see the answers once I finished. Then I'd switch to a different version of the site to access more practice material by scrolling through the dates at the top and repeat. Easy level should be enough. You could also try I haven't used it but it seems new and they have packages you can pay for which include a mental arithmetic course.

As far as what the questions are like, I can't remember too much but if it's the same Hackerrank test, it's multiple choice and there's a lot of fractions involved. Felt easier than Akuna's. Also make sure you understand Kelly Criterion.

Dec 4, 2021 - 6:46am

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