Mid Market M&A Intern or PE Acquisitions Intern

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Hey everyone,
I have two possible summer internship opportunities for this summer. One would be in a middle market M&A role. This company is larger, recently closed a $260M+ deal and I would be working closely with senior management. The other would be at a real estate PE firm that has closed roughly $500M in deals this year and <30 people in the office I believe. I've always heard that PE is one of the most sought after jobs and as a rising junior who wants to work in NY after graduation, which do you guys think would be the best option. Just a note that the M&A job would be in Costa Mesa, CA and the PE job would be in San Francisco, CA.

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May 24, 2018

Edit: The PE firm has 30-50 employees.

Love, abigreguy

Jul 20, 2018

What did you end up doing?

Jul 23, 2018