MSc Finance: HKU vs. Cass vs. Warwick

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Hi guys,

I'm here new.

Recently I applied to the MSc in Finance at the following three universities:

1. The University of Hong Kong (HKU) - MSc in Finance,
2. Cass Business School - MSc in Finance;
3. Warwick Business School - MSc Business: Finance and Accounting.

I got an offer from HKU (MSc Finance), and have to accept/reject it within a week from now.

Some background: My ambition is to become an Investment Banker in the City of London. I am an motivated student, having completed a bachelor degree in Financial Economics, and currently finalizing my Masters in Corporate Law (currently enrolled at HEC Paris Business School as an exchange student, pursuing courses mainly in Finance).

I applied to HKU as it has impressive rankings (HKU apparently is the nr. 1/2 university in Asia and its MSc in Finance is ranked nr. 4 in the world according to the FT post-experience rankings). In addition, its course-curriculum is outstanding, and in my opinion stronger than that of Cass or Warwick. It finds the perfect balance between Financial Theory and Practical (computational) skills (Financial Engineering). However, my doubt is that most employers/recruiters do not recognize/know this university as it is, in practice, an unconventional university to have attended as a banker. Will employers in London perceive this as being less?

In other words: taking my career-ambitions into account, what is the best choice of study? Should I accept an offer to HKU, Cass or Warwick?

Hope to hear soon! Thank you in advance!

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Mar 23, 2015

HKU limits you to Asia as the number of HKU grads represented as analysts in the city is close to nil.

Warwick is a target and it'll give you the best chance. It has a really strong alumni network in the city. The business school is also better hands down in comparison to Cass.

Jun 23, 2017

Cass is in London. Warwick in nowhere. Warwick network is 0.
Here in the City I think Cass's slightly better due the position

Jun 24, 2017

Not only did you revive a two year old thread for no reason, you also posted absolute bs. Warwick's network is very extensive, especially in the City

Apr 25, 2015

I second that. Warwick is your best bet. Even though HKU will show up on your resume in the initial screening and may even get some attention, it'll certainly not beat any of the target UK degrees or even some prominent European ones, like that of HEC.

Besides, IB is all about networking. Living in UK will definitely pay-off. Amongst the UK ones, Warwick>Cass any day.

Apr 26, 2015

I think Warwick is a good choice. But i'm in North America and it's just an opinion.

HKU is not as strong as HKUST. Plus Hongkong is not London. How does that help you land a London job? It's not HBS/GSB/Wharton either.

I heard good things about Warwick much more than Cass....

Apr 26, 2015

Half the game is about networking. You won't get those opportunities in HK. I don't think cass places particularly well and so I would perhaps be more inclined to go for Warwick. Having said that, I don't know how well Warwick places at the postgrad level but you will have opportunities to network just like you will at cass.

Either way, you will have to network a lot and being in London might just have an edge.

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Apr 26, 2015

warwick obviously

happy to give advice; no asking for referrals please

Apr 26, 2015

networking is important, but in a field like algorithmic trading, the people will come to you
warwick has great programs such as MORSE in undergrad, so you should have no problem meeting them

cass is a decent choice, and in london, but doesn't have the brand value or education quality of warwick
plus, the warwick program of yours sounds boss

happy to give advice; no asking for referrals please

Apr 26, 2015

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