MSc in Management in English at Bocconi VS CEMS MIM at LSM (Belgium) VS internship, GMAT and top MIM afterwards

Hi everyone!

As you may seem in the topic, I am hesitating regarding these three options.

Context: I am enrolled at the Bocconi MiM, but I couldn't attend the beginning of the program for personal reasons. I could still join the CEMS MIM at LSM since my admit is still valid. An important thing to know is that if I continue Bocconi now, I'll be in debt at graduation (about 25k€) while the CEMS MIM at LSM will spare me that burden. So money is an important factor to me.

Background and profile: Bachelor in Business Engineering program at LSM. "Ok" GMAT (640, do not blame me I had only two weeks to study it haha) and high GPA (converted at 108/110 in Italian grades). I also already hold a MSc in Economics from the KU Leuven in Belgium. No real full-time work experience though some part-time experience in a small Belgian REIT but nice extracurriculars imho. I speak French, Dutch, and English.

Foreground: Working in a top-notch PE/VC fund would be amazing, perhaps after gaining some great experience as a consultant. I would love to found my own business at some point but it is really not my priority.

So, here are my options:

1) Bocconi MSc. Management
+ Bocconi brand name
+ Milan (I do not know the city very well yet, but as I am passionate about mountains, its location is a huuuuuuge plus to me)
+ Complete abroad experience (never left my country for a long term yet, and that is something I always wanted to do)

More negative considerations:
- Debt
- Not the most reputable MSc of Bocconi

Btw, are DD spots realistically reachable in your opinion?

+ Very cheap
+ Possibility to move to three different places (Intl internship, possibility of two exchanges in CEMS schools)
+ I believe I could land great CEMS Schools

More negative considerations:
- School brand name
- Staying in Belgium (do not get me wrong, it is super objectively the most amazing country haha) so no long term abroad study experience

3) Taking the GMAT again (I honestly think I could significantly increase my score) and doing a consulting internship before my MIM

  • Work Experience
  • Profile improvement to target the most famous programs

More negative considerations:
- I am looking forward to enter the working environment and that means delaying it.

I really really hesitating right now. Any opinion about this choice?

Thanks a lot for answering, I appreciate!

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Oct 18, 2018 - 6:30am

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Feb 22, 2021 - 12:30pm

Hey what did you end up deciding? I am applying for Msc in International Politics and got an extension on the deadline for Business Economics because I need to take the Gmat

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