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I'm applying to MSF programs, and I wanted to see my chances of gettig into my targets.

My profile:

BA in Economics, Minors in Statistics and Philosophy from a state school (top 40)

GPA: 3.48 Major GPA 3.7
Very upward trend, did not receive anything under an A- in any of my major classes like econometrics, macro, financial economics during my last two years in college.


Started my own food condiment company at the age of 19. Currently supplying Whole Foods and Walmart.

Worked as an interpreter for a Korean company.

GRE: Q: 164 V: 158

Targets: UT, Southern Methodist Univ, USC, UC Irvine, UTD, WUSTL, Vandy, Johns Hopkins, UCSD

Will I have a good shot at these schools?

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Dec 30, 2018