Networking - Sending an LinkedIn Connect before Cold-Email

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Hello WSO,

I have been reading around the various posts about using LinkedIn to connect to Junior Investment Bankers, and there have been some mixed opinions.

Some people say LinkedIn is more appropriate and they dislike cold-emails, and others say cold-emails are the way to go and connecting with strangers on LinkedIn is abhorrent.

Before reading the advice on WSO, I thought it was logical to go about networking this way: connect on LinkedIn with a personalized note, and if they don't respond (9 times out of ten they just don't check their LinkedIn) send a new cold-email to their direct inbox.

A few threads out there said this networking strategy would be a double waste of time for a banker: The banker already wasted time on LinkedIn and didn't want to connect and you would piss them off wasting even more of their time.

I was wondering your thoughts on the networking strategy as I haven't been able to get a good, up-to-date read on the LinkedIn dilemma.

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Feb 6, 2019