No response after passing the SHL test

Hi everyone,
Hope you're doing well. This is my first post on this site, and as you might have realized, I'm here to get help rather than share something that might help others.
I passed the CV screening and SHL test for a role at one of the MBB firms, and the recruiter (recruiter A) told me that she'd schedule the first round of interviews sometime in January 2019. This was back in November 2018. She included another recruiter (recruiter B) in the email loop to help schedule the interview. This recruiter was in another office (both in South Asia).
When I requested for the interview dates late in December, I received an automated message stating that recruiter A was on extended leave till June-19. Perhaps this was why recruiter B was involved.
I've been sending recruiter B a message every Monday morning at 9AM (5 messages so far), but there's no response. I'm not even sure if my candidature is under consideration anymore. It is okay if they changed their mind (after making me go through a phone interview and SHL test), but shouldn't they send me an email stating that I'm out? If I'm still in, shouldn't there be at least an update about what's up with my application? Have any of you faced something similar? Any inputs on what this situation could mean?

MBA, ex lean-manufacturing manager. Graduated from the best schools in Asia>

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Feb 8, 2019