NPL & REO Servicers any good?

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Hey monkeys, I'd appreciate some solid advice.

So I am on the last round for receiving a FT offer for a so called "servicer" of a MF (BX, Lone Star, Oaktree etc.). The job would entail valuation/monitoring NPL and REO portfolios and I think it would be a great opportunity from a learning point of view. Additionally, salary is pretty solid (HR confirmed me the range).

However, I am pretty sure working for this servicer would not be the same as working for one of the mentioned MFs and I also have serious doubts about its long term viability. What if the MF suddenly decides to stop to invest in this servicer? Which reputation do these kind of firms usually have? Any good or scam?

Thaaaanks in advance

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Dec 3, 2019
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