OC&C vs Unilever

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In a couple of days, I have to make a decision for my first job after graduating. I have currently 2 offers (Both in Istanbul/Turkey) from OC&C (Associate Consultant) and Unilever (MT Position for Supply Chain). I know these are completely different positions in different industries.

During my senior year in college, I couldn't manage to get an offer from a top-tier consulting firm but I also applied to other consulting firms such as OC&C. Even though OC&C is pretty strong in the UK and Western Europe, I can't say the same for Turkey/Istanbul. It is a small office with only 10 consultants with no brand recognition.

I want to work in a top-tier management consulting firm, however, I am wondering if it is easier to land a job in a top-tier consulting firm from Unilever or OC&C. I made a small research for Istanbul offices and found out that there are a couple of people from Unilever who managed to enter MBB. For OC&C there are some job switches to Strategy&, A.T Kearney, ADL, and Deloitte but no MBB.

What do you think about these options?

Many Thanks!

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Jul 10, 2018

Tough one. OC&C is quite strong in consumer good but I don't know if that also applied for the Turkish office. Does OC&C allow you to move to another office after 1-2 years? If so, doing a bit of time in Turkey then in a larger office such as London could help with MBB chances.

Jul 10, 2018

Thanks for the response. It is possible to switch offices only if you are a partner or associate partner, so it is not an option for me.
During the interviews, consultants told that they are mostly making due diligence and telecom projects in Turkey. They also have some telecom projects in the Middle East.

Jul 11, 2018