Odds of consultants working in-office by September 31st in many/most U.S. locations?

Title^ No one knows, I know - looking to aggregate opinions to get a general sense of how people feel. This leaves room for some firms and locations to be the exception, but the question is targeted at what the 'norm' will be. This includes adjusted plans like WFH half the time, in-office the other half, etc.

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Jun 7, 2020

I expect that after Labor Day most firms in the US will go back to the office on a voluntary basis.

Jun 7, 2020

I have thought I have some sort "timeline" for the last three months, and every month that timeline has been consistently moved back. What I currently think is after Labor Day for a good number of firms, but I could see some riding it out until 2021.

Jun 10, 2020

50% chance on or before Labor Day; 75% chance on or before Jan 1st; 95% chance on or before Easter.

Jun 12, 2020

Very unlikely. My firm is in a major city and the office is closed through labor day at the least. Afterwards building management has proposed regulations such as max 25% occupancy. Firm leadership says nobody is required to be in office until Jan 2021.

Given that most of the country is lifting restrictions prematurely I'd say we're headed for a second lockdown or worse. My bet is that there is no change until a vaccine is developed and widely distributed unless we decide to say fuck it and press through worsening conditions.

Jun 21, 2020

A lot of offices are closed at the moment, including mine. We hired a few firms for projects both before COVID and during it but all those teams are working remote. Every month we have been receiving a notification extending WAH and there are rumors that it might soon become permanent.

Jun 23, 2020

Permanent even post-COVID?


Jun 23, 2020