Olivier Desbarres, Senior Barclays 'Baller' FIRED after Racist rant lol


Being a banker can be a stressful gig, but that doesn't really give anyone the right to start tossing sheet metal at people.

Olivier Desbarres, was fired from his job as a senior Singapore-based banker at Barclays after a video leaked of him berating and threatening a group of construction workers who were reportedly building a house near where he lives, The Wall Street Journal reports. Desbarres it seems must have been having a seriously bad day to even come up with the flood of vitriolic bile that spewed from his mouth at the apparently innocent workers.

"I'm going to go after you. I'm going to burn your fcking house down with your fcking people in it," he can be seen shouting on a video posted to Stomp.com. "You know what? You're fcking animals. Chinese fcking animals." After discovering he was being taped, Desbarres yelled "You're filming me? You think that's good? Put your fcking phone down because I'm going to wait for you to come out and take that phone and shove it up your fcking ass."

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Comments (4)

Nov 18, 2012 - 1:35pm

Dude was a FX trader. He seemed pretty normal a few months ago.

The Auto Show
Nov 18, 2012 - 2:43pm

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