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In late spring/early summer I signed a PE gig for Summer 2014. I'm trying to stay on top of things though and "get smarter" before I start. I feel pretty confident in my modeling skills, but one thing I've heard from the people that work at the firm I'm going to is that you can really separate yourself by "thinking like an investor" from day one.

I know this is a real general question, but are there daily/weekly resources you in PE read to stay up on general sector trends (other than the WSJ/Economist/etc, as those are obviously helpful) to better understand trends in the marketplace? I'd love to start getting in a habit of reading certain sites/reports now so that I can talk about trends in certain industries, what industries are hot, etc. by the time I walk in next summer.

The grind of being an Analyst has given me such a micro-view, toiling away on my particular companies for 80-110 hours, that I know I need to re-focus on the big picture. Thanks.

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Sep 3, 2013

How did you land that job without knowing where to look for PE news?

Sep 3, 2013

How did you land that job without knowing where to look for PE news?

I guess to clarify my request, I'm not looking for news on PE deal announcements (obvious).

I'm looking for somewhere that would have weekly/daily macroeconomic updates, specific industry updates, etc. Obviously staying up with the news and poring over WSJ/Economist/etc is best for this, but it's hard to do when you're working Analyst hours.

I'm looking for things like the Wall Street Breakfast from Seeking Alpha where I can get a 10-15 minute download to keep up with things. That;s very focused on stock news though.

People might have some helpful advice, so I thought it was worth asking.

Sep 3, 2013

I'm pretty sure that you can set up alerts/customized newsletters when you have a subscription for the FT. Maybe that's what you're looking for?

Sep 3, 2013 is what I used during my SA job.

Sep 3, 2013