Physical Trading to PE

Hi all,

Currently I am a physicals trader and have been working in the field for approx. 4 years. Although it can be a very exciting and fast paced environment, I am finding that the process is not really stimulating me in the way it did in the beginning and I am just lacking the intellectual curiosity required to dive even deeper into commodities. Currently I run a team and help with managing overall positions as well as overlooking all purchases and sales for the commodities we buy and sell; I also have my own established book that I take care of. I'm fortunate for the position but really find myself consistently more intrigued in private businesses and the idea of working on a team with larger projects and diving deeper into the investment process rather than flipping a few thousand ton over and over again every day/week. I think I have definitely gained a valuable skill set trading physical, but am unsure how to try and make this sort of move if even possible. If it means anything, I went to an alright state school and grinded my way into my current position through networking and applying to positions. I also would like to stray away from the model of eating what I kill day in and day out to be honest.

If anybody has got any sort of insight I would be extremely appreciative! Thank you so much.

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Sep 13, 2021 - 11:06am

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