Please help me decide which Master's offer will give me the highest chance to get in IB

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Currently holding an offer from UCL (target school, one of the top 5 UK uni) to study MSc Project Management. This is a business related course in a world leading architecture school at UCL as UCL doesn't have a business school. And the course is taught in the context of the construction industry.

I also have an offer from University of London Queen Mary to study MSc Law and Finance. Their law school is brilliant. Apart from the law school, nothing good about this uni in my opnion. I would say it is semi-target school as it is located in London. A lot of BBs recruit there.
I studied my undergrad in Accounting and Finance at a target school. 3.3 GPA, not very impressive.

I am really interested in MSc Law and Finance but I think the reputation of UCL will help me go a long way although the course is not in the finance area.

What should I do???

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Jun 5, 2015

UCL has a MSF degree. Why not try and get into that? Assuming you have a finance background I would go for the best brand.

Jun 10, 2015


Jun 10, 2015

Just out of curiosity, why did you apply for project management over MSF at UCL? Also, pretty harsh to say that nothing is good about QMUL (or good enough for you).

Jun 11, 2015

I applied for project management because I am not qualified to apply for courses like economics, mathematical finance (my bachelor is not quant enough). And my GPA is not high enough to get into top 4 uni.

Jun 10, 2015