Please rank these UK courses based on suitability for IBD

Hello. If you were to rank the following courses in terms of probability of breaking into IBD assuming all other factors being equal (like what you would do when ranking American schools and/or grouping them into Targets, Semi-Targets and Non-targets), what order would you place them in?

-Oxford Philosophy, Politics, Economics
-LSE Economics
-LSE Management
-Warwick Economics
-LSE Economics and Government
-LSE Politics, Philosophy and Economics
-UCL Economics
-Warwick Economics, Politics and International Studies
-Warwick Philosophy, Politics and Economics

P.S. Please only use these courses (I know that there are other courses which would probably be better suited, such as Oxford E&M as opposed to PPE).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

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Sep 17, 2014 - 2:29pm

If you can get into PPE, you're pretty sorted, whatever you'd like to do....and since you're asking the question, sort of begs the question if you have the grey matter to get into PPE. Just sayin'.

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Sep 17, 2014 - 3:11pm

There was no need to be cheeky. There are several reasons why I asked this question. One such reason is thAT I've read from multiple sources that LSE economics (straight econ) is actually better than Oxford PPE. Also, LSE's PPE course is completely new this year but it already has one of the highest entrance requirements in the university [A*AA] (so I am wondering where it would fall). Lastly, I was asking for a ranking, not which is the best (so even if Oxford PPE is the best, I still would like to know where the other courses fall), as you are given 5 options to apply to, not just 1.

Sep 17, 2014 - 8:04pm

Thank you so much for the helpful response. So are you saying that there's no difference between LSE econ as opposed to LSE PPE, or Warwick Econ vs Warwick PPE? Also, does LSE management go in "the rest" category?

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Sep 18, 2014 - 4:16am

Well, LSE Econ definitely has more pedigree than LSE PPE, but recruiters will probably be vaguely interested by the fact that LSE now offers PPE.

LSE Management would go into 'the rest' category' simply because the course isn't rated that much. However, the LSE brand is strong, therefore the right student on the course can still make pretty special things happen.

Sep 18, 2014 - 7:15pm

So you don't think it would be a risk going for the LSE PPE course despite it being completely new (as it is a 4 year course, and it requires A*AA as opposed to something like Management, which requires AAB)? Also, do you think it matters whether one does Warwick PPE or straight econ (or even EPAIS)? Or is it a case where once the course is done at a certain school, it doesn't really matter what the course is?

Sep 18, 2014 - 8:05pm

Not really. The risk comes from the grades requirement and whether you'll actually enjoy the course at LSE. Recruiters will just see a very strong degree from LSE, regardless of whether it's been offered for 1 year or 100 years. Management seems fairly soft, I'd imagine the calibre on the course is weaker than on Econ and you're reliant on the brand name to give you a hand.

PPE is one of Warwick's top courses. having the extra subjects can even make you appear more dynamic than your ordinary Economics students. (UK recruiters are hot on diversity when recruiting, particularly for IBD)

Even non-related subjects at Warwick like Physics, Maths and Engineering will enable you to break in.

Sep 17, 2014 - 4:54pm

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