Professionalism..... SA Offer, Full-Time Offer (Not a grad scheme - entry level role).... What do I do if I convert the Summer?!

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Hey All!

Physics background, have been trading virtual for 3 years currently up 8% - wanted to go into Trading... still do.. but wasn't successful at recruiting..
Literally not even first round which I don't get because I have a year in Quant Research at a WHALE AM, went to every recruitment event, followed up, got really positive responses, work exp in S&T at a BB.. CV checked by the right people (think GS/JPM/MS). Semi-Target. BUT Anyway....

Changed career plan as all I care about is ending up somewhere where I can make investment decisions so started applying to loads of buyside AMs. Eventually want to end up at a HF/PE but I know that is highly unlikely having not trained at a BB.

So I got way more positive feedback when applying to the buy side which is interesting because through lurking I deduced it was a lot tougher out of UG, even got through two rounds at a PE firm .. Ended up with the below offers:

  • Summer Analyst at a >PS300BN Asset Manager in Portfolio Management.
  • Full-Time Multi-Asset Grad Role (Essentially Research Associate level) at a >PS300BN AUM Asset Management arm of a global insurer.

Both AM's employ multiple strategies for a range of primarily institutional but also retail investors in the case of the insurer. As far as I can tell both have a brilliant reputation in the market.

Basically, the grad scheme attached to the SA role is appealing to me for multiple reasons (rotational and guaranteed international placement). I feel like the 'training' and ability to build an international network would be invaluable. The AM the grad scheme would be with has a tonne of EM exposure and long term I think I want to specialise in EM (Indian by ethnicity, speak the language, growing wealth etc etc etc).

My question is, is it unprofessional/rude/stupid of me to take the Full-Time role and if I am to convert the SA stint into a full-time position leave (I wouldn't start the grad scheme for 12 months after beginning full time). Or would I be in a position to negotiate a secondment with the full time role? Should I be transparent with my SA company that I have accepted a full time offer?

Thanks for absolutely any help!!!!