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A bit about my current status:
- International student
- Major: Actuarial Science
- School: well-known in Europe, Australia, Asia (top 50 worldwide on any ranking list)
- GPA: 3.2 - 3.4 (converted to standard GPA)
- GRE: quant 164, verbal 155
- Experiences: 2 non-finance related internships
- Extracurricular: solid work in 2 university NPO clubs (President and executive committee level)

Goal: IB/consulting in a major city (preferably NYC; open to LA, chicago)

Target (in order of preference):
- MSF: Rochester, Washington University in St. Louis, BC, BU
- MMS: Duke (solid alumni)

- Low GPA and GRE
- No finance related internship + extracurricular doesn't add much weight

- Do I need to retake GRE?
- Is my targets too high? Some other universities I should consider?

Thank you.

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