Profitable model - what deal is possible with existing portfolio managers?

Let's say I have a model which did 40.11% CAGR with max draw 10.70% since 2010 in static portfolio of 24 markets, annualized Sharpe is 1.47 and positive skew is 0.95. I have 4 months of live results for now, but I am planning to have at least 1 year.

I would like to manage larger capital for a fee, but I don't want to start a fund, since I am not a businessman but inventor/engineer. Many funds went down, because engineers started them and could not run them later. They lacked qualifications.

If I would to go to portfolio manager in licensed hedge fund/CTA and offered my expertise to create such returns, what deal (if any) I can count on? What is the standard? How to approach it?

If this would not work what are my other options apart from prop firm? This model's trade duration is on average 10 days, so it is not suitable for prop firms earning on intraday volume.

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Jan 14, 2018