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Bit new on the forum, so hope this hasn't been settled before - If so pls lemme know

Currently in 2nd year working in public sector looking to break into a position in investment banking/finance after looking at long-term career options (job requirements etc.). Have worked/interned for recognisable public sector orgs/NGOs, but presume they're less recognisable during application rounds based on guidance on the classic routes in.

Looking for tips finding a way "in" without a background of insight weeks/summer analyst positions, but have econ/research skills. Currently ~1 year out of a Masters and ~3 years out of undergrad, both from target schools. Open to it, but are there other options than going back for a round 2 Masters degree?

P.S. - Based in EMEA, yes I got my name from the Wu Tang Name Generator

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Nov 8, 2019

I'm a newbie so I can only elaborate on what was like for some of my alumni to go from public to private.
IB is not big on public sector especially when comes to lateral hiring, I would suggest consulting for a few years then lateral into banking. Several of my alumni are in BB's coverage groups now following this route.
There's a very slim chance that some banks or PE firms are interested in taking a lateral hire to take care of their ESG initiatives. It did happen once that I was told someone with extensive NPO experience in the environmental/sustainability field got into KKR. Again, highly unlikely something like this's gonna pop up again.
Best of luck.

Nov 8, 2019

Completely agree.

Public to IB seems like a hard transition.

The mindset / culture is completely different. For one, its not 9-5 with an hour lunch break and two fifteen minute breaks. It is an entirely different animal.

Try to get into a Big 4 consulting shop. Maybe use that to get into the transaction advisory services group, then to IB.

Nov 8, 2019

Cheers for this, will look into that route.

Surprisingly between more 8 to 7 a lot of the time, but that's down to being on certain teams rather than organisations themselves, so understand how it might come off on culture/mindset.

Nov 8, 2019