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May 4, 2007

mccain looked like an idiot. Mitt did look polished. Guiliani was not persuasive. Hunter was articulate. Huckabee was decent. Eveeryone else was not noteworthy

May 4, 2007

Ron Paul won the debates:

MSNBC had people rate candidates before and after the debates.

[Candidate Name] [% change after debate] [total %]
Brownback +0 10%
Gilmore +5 9%
Giulliani -19% 22%
Huckabee +3% 17%
Hunter +3% 10%
McCain -11% 20%
Ron Paul +32% 41%
Mitt Romney +5% 33%
Tancredo +1% 11%
Thompson -2% 9%

Winner? Ron Paul, gained 32% after the debate, and went from being 8th in ratings to #1

May 4, 2007

Yeah, most likely because "Dr.Paul" had the most liberal views on the war. People hear that he didn't vote for the war in the first place and they like that. Did you see him drop the ball on the "tell me when you've made an important decision" question?

Agreed that Romney is a stud.

May 4, 2007

the question was vague. If they wanted an answer about politics, every single one of his policies makes this decision

Here is a vid of his highlights

May 6, 2007

Romney looks like a million bucks (no homo) but seems like a flip-flopper to me ("I am now against really, please believe me"). Giulliani is seen as "too liberal," just because he actually has some balls to say "I believe in a woman's right to choose," and he actually is faulted for that. Shit is disgusting.

Ron Paul is a beast though, but sadly, I doubt he'd have a real shot.

May 7, 2007