Restructuring/Turnaround Advisory to Distressed Funds

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I'm a senior associate at a "big 3" restructuring advisory firm (think Alix/A&M/FTI) interested in opportunities at distressed funds. I know most distressed funds recruit out of the big Rx banks (i.e., HL, PJT, Moelis, etc.) but haven't heard much of restructuring/turnaround consultants at the junior level going directly to PE. I know some who jumped from the advisory side to a banking role before going to PE, but not sure that this is the path for me. Does anyone know of someone who's done this or have any advice? Thanks

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Feb 16, 2020

Hi - I work at a PE fund that does some special sits / distressed investing

We would look at kids with your profile but I think you need to actively reach out to funds and recruiters

If you want to send me your CV via PM happy to give some advice


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Feb 16, 2020

Out of interest why are you looking to leave? I thought comp in those 3 was quite good? Is it the travel? Do you mind sharing your base now please?

Feb 18, 2020

bump - is this for europe?

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Feb 20, 2020