Seeking recruitment advice: MBB BA/A/AC w/o finance experience -> PE

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I'm an MBB consultant and I have a few questions about PE recruitment.

I found this forum a few weeks ago and spent some time reading past threads. I couldn't find past threads answering my specific questions, hence I decided to join and post.

I'm interested in working in PE (like many others here) and I'm hoping to have some questions answered by the community.

My background:
Education: target undergrad, nuclear engineering, high GPA,
Job: recently started at MBB (post-undergrad level), internships were in commodity companies in engineering positions, no formal finance experience
Location: not NY, but good-sized PE practice in my MBB office

I'm aware that my odds of making it in are low. However, I see few downsides in giving it my best shot.

From what I've learned so far, to break into PE I need:
- get staffed on DDs/growth strategy studies
- get highest ratings on reviews
- prepare for interviews
- network w/those from same school/MBB that are now in PE

I have a few questions:

1) PE recruiting happens in January. Does it matter if I apply as a 1st- or 2nd-year BA/A/AC?
2) Apart from the WSO PE interview guide, which I'll get, what are good resources for interview preparation? I'm also interested in resources (e.g. books) to learn more about PE, valuation, and anything else that's relevant.
3) I've valued some commodity companies as a hobby in the past. However, I've never invested in stocks. Is this experience expected of recruits?
4) I'm under the impression that networking is low value-add (everything is determined by headhunters who'll reach out to you directly). Is this assumption correct?
5) I think that many of those who make it into PE from MBB have prior finance experience (IB/PE internships, finance majors). How detrimental is my lack of finance experience (outside of some exposure at MBB)?

Those who spent time reading/replying to this: thank you.

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Oct 15, 2017