Sell-Side Research?

I have been reading a ton of research this summer and was wondering who/what firm you guys like for sell-side research? Whether it be general market strategy or industry specific.

I really like the HY stuff Barclays puts out (general market reports for the most part. I don't read name specific unless I have a reason). I also like to listen to the Tuesday credit calls; its taken me awhile to understand what they are talking about but it's interesting stuff.

Don't have anyone I follow partially close for eqy or general econ reports, tend to read a few reports and create my own thesis.

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Aug 14, 2013 - 3:23pm

Barclays are alright with their commodities weekly papers... You should read up on Bridgewater's latest client call transcript if you can get your hands on it. Best one so far imo.

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