Shell Grad vs. ING Wholesale trainee vs. Roland Berger: M&A exposure/exit opps?

I am closing in on a few offers and have no clue on what to choose! All programs seem to offer slightly different things and all look interesting. Ambition is to roll in PE or M&A gig afterwards. They all have some exposure to deals but it isn't really clear or in my power... Other factors to consider are growth potential in-firm and other exit opps. Background: MSc industrial engineering (finance major) at top w-eur uni + 1 year at tier-1 european bus school (management master), experience: internship in fund as equity analyst

Shell Finance Graduate Program: good pay and salary progression, competitive program, unsure if I get to do a rotation in their M&A branch, program is three years

ING Wholesale Banking Traineeship: currently favourite choice, competitive program (only very few hires each year),a few rotations in their wholesale bank (which encompasses lending, transactions, fin markets, other corp finance jobs), prob highest chance in working on deals, relevant experience when applying for future gigs.

Roland Berger: junior consultant gig, RB seems to do some PE deals on the side, unsure in what way/after how long juniors get exposure to these deals, great exit opportunities, cool firm/employees; always had envisioned to roll into strategy consulting

Any advice is more than welcome!

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Feb 21, 2018