Side Hustle starting Facebook Ads agency for small business?

looking to diversify my career. anybody started a side hustle FB ads agency (contacting small business like dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, etc..and pitching them your service of coming up with FB ads and running them on the business behalf)?

How do you go about it? I've been researching Facebook ad strategy, and have a decent understanding on how to create ads and target audiences...but i'm not sure how to go about getting clients for this, and how to convince them to pay me to run Facebook ad campaigns on their behalf (this is basically what digital marketing agencies do). This would be the first time i've ever done this kind of work for somebody else...and its new territory, but everybody has to start somewhere, right?

What kind of businesses would be a good client for a new ad agency?

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Jan 4, 2019

Not sure what your long term goals are but...

It's not easy to be good but there is still a ton of easy money in the space managing ads for people who have no idea what it entails. IE increase attribution window wildly and then show them all the sales you're getting them. I would never do that, but I've had people try it on me. A "lazy" guy that's mediocre can probably pull $80,000 - $160,000 a year if you find the right clients.

FWIW, pay can get really good if you treat it like a real career. We pay our programmatic advertising head ~$300,000 - $350,000 USD a year. The reason good people get paid well in the industry is because good people know they can just run affiliate or their own business (to an extent) and get paid ~$100,000/$200,000 a year.

The real problem you run into with marketing specifically, especially digital, is that it changes dramatically every 8 - 12 months. Your strategic value vanishes VERY fast if you don't keep your tactical skill set polished. This is part of what makes hiring an excellent CMO-type really hard because when they're managing people all day they tend to lose the tactical touch and end up kind of useless.

Jan 4, 2019

this sounds interesting...could you go a little deeper?

"increase attribution window" to increase sales?

"The reason good people get paid well in the industry is because good people know they can just run affiliate or their own business (to an extent) and get paid ~$100,000/$200,000 a year."

100k/200k is less than i'm confused...

also...i suspect the process of getting small business clients is different from large corporate clients (tho i could be wrong...and would love to hear your thoughts).

just google're welcome

Jan 4, 2019

Attribution modeling/attribution in general is how certain marketing channels are weighted and given credit for a sale.

For example, if a user joins WSO after an internet search via Google (organic SEO), then signs up for an account, posts for 2 weeks, clicks on an IG ad and buys some of the great educational material...which platform deserves credit?

Patrick and his team run a pretty complex operation from the attribution side because it's hard to really figure out how to attribute the sale and where to increase marketing budget/spend in that scenario.

A less-than-moral FB ad manager might "cheat" by increasing the attribution window FB so the platform and his work gets more credit than it should.

Regarding pay, I meant that the reason we have to pay $300,000+ for a GOOD CMO/programmatic advertising type despite our companies being relatively small is because they know they can work like...30 hours a week and make $200k a year fairly easily.

FWIW, small clients can be hard to really justify. There's very little money in it unless you're OK with literally ripping your clients off since their ad spend and ROAS will never justify your fee as a consultant.

Jan 4, 2019

"The reason good people get paid well in the industry is because good people know they can just run affiliate or their own business (to an extent) and get paid ~$100,000/$200,000 a year.".
100k/200k is less than i'm confused...

I think what he means by that is good CMO types know that they can make 200k or so on their own, so in order to have one of them work for you, you have to pay them 350k well.

EDIT: did not realize we posted at the exact same time. What are the odds of that happening. My post is officially irrelevant. Figured to leave it this way than to leave "deleted"

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Jan 4, 2019

Ha, low! And yeah, that's correct. Everyone staffed via our private equity firm works 80/120 hours a week and LOVES what they do, so we can't really torch our culture by hiring anyone that isn't as fanatical as we are. Obviously that means paying more but it's worth it because it makes you want to work more when everyone around you is brilliant.

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Jan 4, 2019

what kind of things would that FB marketer do, on their own, to make 200k?
Where exactly does the money come from? (how does a new FB ads marketer get clients, etc...)

just google're welcome

Jan 7, 2019

Affiliate, built a book of dumb clients, etc...

Getting clients is just like any consulting gig.

Jan 7, 2019

could you give a few examples? (i've never worked in consulting...this will be my first attempt). I've been studying the advertising tech space, and taking a closer look at the ads that show up in my own feed, thinking about which ads are more get a sense of how i would run ads myself for a prospective client. But i have no clients, and don't know where to get started to find clients. Which industries should i target, what products?

just google're welcome

Jan 15, 2019